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About: As a Contemporary Applied Artist, Danielle explores the unexpected and often unseen beauty in nature and its process of decay. Her work captivates the ambiguity of what is considered beautiful. By mainly focusing on imperfections in nature, the artist independently creates a larger subject matter to explore, discuss and translate using a variety of mediums. Danielle uses detailed drawing as a fundamental process to capture ageing imperfections in organic objects, these are then later developed using a combination of both traditional and contemporary methods. Natural materials such as silk and leather are manipulated and transformed into bespoke theatrical wearable art-pieces. A range of methods including laser cutting, digital printing and water jet cutting enables the artist to create a unique, diverse and visually exciting final outcome.

All work posted as my own are Copyright to Danielle Guess


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Using some of my rust dyed samples, i have done some needle embellishment combining different types of fabric and felt fibres. I have manipulated these samples, to try and establish a more rusted effect. I used a circular shape to resemble lichen. These embellishments will be taken further into my final piece.

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